Clients Status

Field Clients
1 Contractual & Legal Fields
Legal document to be submitted to court Agabang Co., Ltd., and 15 other companies
Judicial precedents and litigation documents Hanbo Business Group and 20 other companies
Licensing agreement Samil Technical Research Co., Ltd., Daysun Electronics Co., Ltd., Dong Ah Construction Industrial Co., Ltd., Daewoo Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd., Qnix Co., Ltd. and 50 other companies
General agreements (including agent agreements) Dong Ah Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. and 100 other companies
Preparation and revision of articles of incorporation A & A International(USA) and 50 other companies
Petition, POA, litigation documents, etc. De Ryook International Law Firm and 70 other companies
2 Architectural and civil construction fields
(including QA, QC, QM, etc.)
Special conditions Dong Ah Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. and 20 other companies
Bidding documents Poong Lim Industrial Co., Ltd. and 20 other companies
QM, QA, QC Manual Jindo Co., Ltd. and 30 other companies
3 Aircraft Army of the R.O.K. and 10 other companies
4 Medical science Bando Medical Corp., Jasaeng Chinese Hospital and 40 other companies
5 Information and communication Korea EDI/EC Board and 20 other companies
6 Patents (including trademarks) C. H. CHO Patent & Law Office and 10 other offices
7 Trade dispute KY LINE CO., LTD. and 20 other companies

* Details of our sample documents have been omitted for purposes of confidentiality. We pride ourselves on our complete discretion regarding the protection of all of our clients.

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